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Photo by permission from Clare Rynhart

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Deep Foot Therapy

Based on reflexology & many modalities, Deep Foot Therapy has developed over the last 31 years into sessions that are a two hour journey, opening, unlocking, releasing & realigning chi in the body through the feet 

$140 per session

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Journey Of Metamorphosis

Based on the modality of Metamorphosis with two options offered:

- Receiving a committed series of 6-8 weeks of sessions, where ones’ own personal journey of transformation unfolds.

- An 8 week course, learning to facilitate metamorphosis sessions & receive the same.

This profound modality of transformation involves a very gentle touch on feet hands & head, and follows a simple map focusing on the nine months of gestation where the potentials of our life were established. By working on the spinal reflexes of the feet hands & head this formative period is brought back into awareness  the time structure is loosened. Impeded energies from the prenatal period are released, allowing the healing process of mind body & spirit, setting oneself free. 

$70 for an Individual Session / Course $1250 

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Teaching and performing this sacred healing fire to many people in groups in Australia, since 1979. This sacred healing fire removes stress and tension from the body & mind. It is highly beneficial for the environment & all areas of life. 

By Donation

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