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With Full Respect to the Aboriginal people of this Land

and many many Thank you's to all the people who were involved in this album on its incredible journey over the last 35 years. 

This music was first recorded in 1985, & from then on it just grew legs & went walk about. Thirteen years later, under the full moon of July 1998, at an unforgettable desert camp, the song "Timeless Journey", was originally received & sung around the fire. 

Re-releasing ‘Spirit of Australia’ in 2010 online with this song included, turned this album full circle.

To all who hear this music, know that it has really travelled this great land through heart & soul, through countless gatherings & ceremonies of birth & death, marriage & celebration, journeys of love & life

... And it holds a spirit of my history this time around...

... It holds a spirit of this land ...

Biggest Love, Beauty & Peace,

Zanetta Shakti

(Please contact me for physical CD's - $25 incuding postage)

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