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About Me

Zanetta brings together 40 years of deep transformational personal experience through her ground work in meditation, sacred healing fire, healing modalities, art, poetry, songwriting, sound healing & extensive travel in nature throughout Australia.

Being blessed with highly creative and intuitive healing talents & skills, these past decades since 1989/1990 have birthed a modality called Deep Foot Therapy & also Journey Of Metamorphosis.

On the creative side her music & timeless CD called Spirit Of Australia, continue to travel around the world. At present a series of soul-scapes are appearing as multidimensional artworks with coexisting songs & poetry intwined in each creation - each artwork representing a whole era of her life.   

Teaching & performing Agnihotra is ongoing, with a weekly community circle, & when possible facilitating "introduction to Agnihotra - workshops & retreats".

"Being highly creative & multitalented has blessed me with great interest in life itself & as a result a wide spectrum of awareness has developed. In the area of facilitating deep transformation through the feet, through fire, through sound & singing, it's simply this - 'Our  whole life & our whole love flows, when we are at ease & in alignment with our body the Earth!'"

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Education & Qualifications

  • 3 years Fine Art & Design, T.C.A.E, 

  • 1 year tuition Sattipathana Vipassana Meditation

  • 6 months of silent Sattipathana retreats 

  • Rebirthing with Nemi Nath, Breath connection, 6 months

  • Virtue Mastery Program with Loy Young, 1 year

  • Agnihotra, Homa Therapy & Sacred Dance Jarek Bizburg & Tomi Greentree, 3 years

  • Metamorphosis Modality with Barbra Kummer, 7 months

  • Reflexology study & practice, 3 years  

  • Thought Feild Theraphy Practioner 

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"Beyond Feet" is how I describe the reflexology, foot therapy I receive from Zanetta! She is very intuitive in her work, taking a client as deep into their experience as they wish to go in that session. Zanetta's work has integrity in its' depth & is profound in its' effects. I love her presence & her work."

Abby Bliss, Alchemia Healing Centre

"I had severe foot pain & was ready for medical intervention. In one session with Zanetta there was a meltdown of old stored baggage & the pain went. I love working with Zanetta because of the depth we can go in a session."

Leeorah Hursky

"After a 2 hour session with Zanetta, I feel as if I have been to a physic surgeon rather than just a top Reflexologist, the session is completely transforming"

Giselle Cant, Intuitive Bodywork

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